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 Transit, JJM31
USER ID-47 Aquilla Farron 29 I Neutral
Force Sensitive: No

The tavern door opened with a groan of tortured servos in desperate need of maintenance. Out on the streets, the air blew hot and tossed sand at the passers-by. The tavern air was cool, but stale. All it carried was the smells of sweat and booze. Slipping her hands into her trouser pickets, Quill sauntered up to the bar and greeted the server with a smile. It was not returned to her. “Aquilla Farron? I’m pretty sure I banned you.”

Quill’s smile only broadened. “That’s not how I remember it, Mareeka.”

The woman stepped aside and pointed to the wall beside her. “And I suppose that’s not you on the wall?”

Leaning forward, Quill narrowed her eyes. The picture definitely looked like her. By the look of it, she was the only person up there who’d smiled for their picture. “Okay, right, but I’m pretty sure I dealt with some guys who were causing trouble, right after I got banned, so I will have the usual.” With a sigh, the woman turned away to fix a drink. “If anyone swings by looking for transport, point them my way?”

“Why? Looking to make more deals your captain hasn’t authorised and get in trouble again?”

Quill nodded. “Yeah, yeah, sure. That’s right. Or oh, I don’t know, maybe I got promoted to a little role called head of customer relations.”

For a moment, as she slid a drink across the bar to Quill, it seemed like the woman was actually considering it. It was short lived, however. “I can’t imagine that ship having a head of customer relations and if it did, it would not be you.” Quill opened her mouth to reply, but Mareeka silenced her with a finger against her lips. “It really couldn’t. So if I send someone your way, do I get a cut?” Quill took a moment to consider it, but apparently it was just a moment too long as Mareeka put her thumb under Quill’s chin and used her thumb and forefinger up and down. “Now sit down, have your drink and I’ll let your crewmates know where you are when they show up?”

“Thanks.” Quill raised her glass in a quick salute, before heading over to take a seat at a booth at the back of the tavern, with a good view of the door. It never hurt to be careful.

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