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 Someone Hasn't Told Them To Surrender(OPEN)
USER ID-54 Lily Kurily 19 I Rebel Alliance
U-wing Pilot
Force Sensitive: NA
"Ready to win the war."quote
Pain. The sensation of raw liquid agony was the first one which returned to Lily, pain happened to be good. It reminded her she was still alive. Cautiously she opened her eyes, fighting back a wave of nausea, she was in her U-wing, though it took her mind a moment to realise that she was upside down. Her mind attempted to fight through the fog of disorientation and pain, there was a violent shunt, an explosion. The U-wing must of crashed, upside down by the appearance of things, she glanced over at the copilot's chair, she looked away swiftly. There would be no point in even checking for a pulse. The pilot hit her harness' emergence release and hit the former ceiling with a dull thump, she groaned. Her whole body throbbed. She knew she needed to get moving, but all she wanted to do was close her eyes, wait for whoever came to the U-wing first, Rebels, Imps...

With difficulty she managed to rouse herself, ignoring the thought to just let it end and the pilot, using the wall for support, clambered to her feet. She lent against the wall, using it to help keep her balance as she made her way into the troop compartment. Daylight filtered in through ragged tears in the ship's hull, she observed no sign of any of the Rebel soldiers aboard before she got shot down. It did not mean that any of them were alive however, they could of been thrown out in the impact, captured by Imperials or... She stumbled, nearly falling but managing to catch herself. The pilot nearly tripped over a piece of trailing equipment. She emerged blinking into the daylight, finding herself in a small clearing, dominated by the wreck of the U-wing. Even a cursory glance at the wreck, informed the young pilot that it would be a total write off.

The petite young woman made it a few more steps before finding herself exhausted, feeling sick and her vision blurred around the edges. She tore off her helmet, letting it drop to the floor as she sat down on a fallen log, starring into the foreboding forest. Strands of her long blonde hair clung to her pale face, her blue eyes glimmering, the hair having escaped from the confines of her ponytail.
A single thought burned into her, the Imperials on this planet were supposed to be beaten, they were meant to rounding up prisoners... The Empire had lost the Death Star! Surely, it would be enough to prove that the Empire was going to lose? Yet, clearly Imperial troops trapped on the planet were not yet about to throw down their blasters and simply give up.

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