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Roleplay Help

When does the plot take place?
We are an original trilogy site, and we're currently starting right before the Battle of Endor with Death Star II. We'll continue through the storyline at the end of Return of the Jedi to portray things from other perspectives!

Right now, the date is 4 ABY, as we're just about to add onto the storylines we all know and love!

Can I make a Force Sensitive Character?
Yes! However, they must be a second character, just to prove activity. Your first character should have at least 15 IC posts as well. The number of Force Sensitive characters on this board should never be a majority, and as such, the admins may take down applications for such characters at any given time. (The exception to this is that a Force Sensitive canon may be a first character. We'd love to see all of them around!)
Are there limits or suggestions for Force Sensitive characters?
We suggest that you try to make your character your own and not too similar to existing canons. We also suggest that they aren't too powerful, or perhaps that they aren't aware of the full extent of (or knowledge of how to use) their abilities. Please keep in mind the time period, and that there are very few actual Jedi around. Also, you must have 15 posts with your first character, if you plan on making a Force Sensitive OC.
Can I make a character from Rogue One?
Unfortunately, we're not actually allowing the new canons from Rogue One to be played. They will have all died, as they pushed the plot into A New Hope.
Can I make a character from the EU/Legends 'verse?
Yes! We will have the current Star Wars canon take precedence, however. If anything in their original storyline conflicts, you should feel free to change things so that it will fit in with Rebels, Rogue One, and so on.
Can I make a Force ghost?
No. Should an event or plot arise where one is needed, a force ghost would be handled by a staff member. Their ability to interact with others is far too limited to be applicable as playable characters.
Can my character be related to a canon?
Only if the player of said canon has granted permission. If the canon has not been taken, then you cannot.
Hey! Why isn't _____ canon character listed?
There are so many characters featured in the Star Wars universe! Just because they're not listed doesn't mean they're not available! This also applies to EU characters. Just ask the staff!
Do I need to know a lot about Star Wars?
Nope! That's not important at all. We realize that the new movies have brought many new people to the fandom - which is great! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and we'll try to help you. Also, Wookieepedia is a good resource site, as well as a detailed galaxy map, to help for location and planning purposes.
Wow! You have Rebels characters on the canon list! What's up with that?
Yeah, we know! Rebels is awesome isn't it? We wanted to give the players the chance to play these great characters. We're aware that the Rebels TV Show isn't finished and the ultimate fate of a lot of these characters is unknown at this point in time. We still want to take some creative freedom and carefully use these characters across the site. Given the nature of our plot, it's entirely plausible these characters were in another Rebel cell during the events of Episodes 4-6 and we simply didn't see their perspective. Currently, we have the fate and current whereabouts of Ezra and Kanan specifically open. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member!

General Site Help

How does the shipping application work?
We've combined the application and plot page together to make things a bit easier. All your shipping/plotting information will be filled out as part of your app. Once your character has been accepted and moved to the proper forum, anyone can post in your thread to plot, just as they would a regular plot page.
How do I use the tagging/alert system?
Somewhere in your post, you'll use the following: @[User Name] . If they have a first and last name, be sure to use it, or just one name if otherwise.
What size does my avatar or gif need to be?
Your main avatar will be 200x200 px, which you change on the regular avatar page of your user control panel. The gif that you see on an individual profile page upon clicking a user's name will be a link you can insert on your Edit Profile Info page in your user control panel. It just needs to be a rectangular gif (with more width than height).

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