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 The Rules
USER ID-1 Apollo Lots I Rebel Alliance
Light Side Potato Eater
Force Sensitive: Bitch, I might be!
The salt is strong with this one.quote
Laws of the Galactic Empire
Failure to abide by these rules may be punishable
as seen fit by Lord Vader.


1. Please register an OOC account before registering for your character. This is mandatory, as it helps the staff keep things organized.

2. After you have an OOC account, please register as the name of your character with proper capitalization (ex. Luke Skywalker).

3. This is a mature site with some mature content... and as such, persons must be 18 and older to join.


1. When you post your application, please set the topic as Last Name, First Name and the topic description as Faction | Face Claim | Your OOC name. This will help with proper placement of your character upon acceptance.

2. When you start an application, you have seven days to complete it. You may message a staff member for an extension should you need it. If a request for changes is made, you have a further seven days to make those changes.

3. To begin, you may only play up to three characters to ensure fair activity. You may be able to ask staff for another character if you have actively played with your first three.

4. We allow original Force sensitive characters, BUT they must be a second character, just to prove activity. Also, as of 1/11/16, you must have fifteen (15) in-character posts on your first character in order to have an original Force Sensitive character.
The number of Force Sensitive characters on this board should never be a majority, and as such, the admins may take down applications for such characters at any given time. (The exception to this is that a Force Sensitive canon may be a first character. We'd love to see all of them around!)

6. We ask you not to copy Canon characters, or make an original character too close in personality or other circumstances to already established characters.


1. If your character or account(s) are inactive for more than a month without notice (please use the away board), they will be removed and the characters will be archived. Canons are expected to be more active, so we will archive them after two weeks (as of 2/5/2017). They will be freed for other people to reapply.

2. If you are going to be away or extremely busy for a period of time, please post in our away section so that other members know what is going on and you don’t lose your characters while you are away. Not only does it keep you from losing your characters, but it's also a basic courtesy to your fellow RPers.

In-Character Rules

1. Please use proper spelling and grammar to the best of your ability.

2. Posts must be written in 3rd person.

3. No godmodding or anything of that sort. No controlling or injuring other members' characters without permission. Metagaming is distinctly not allowed, as it takes away from both your partner's enjoyment, as well as inhibits future plots.

4. Though we are a 3-2-3 board, please try to keep things tasteful. If you think your thread may have questionable content, please tag it as such in the title as a courtesy to other members.

5. Signature banners are allowed, but please be sure they don't stretch the board.

Chatbox Rules

1. The chat box is considered part of this board, meaning all the standard forum rules apply.

2. No racism, sexism, religion, or politics. Please use common courtesy and basic manners, my friends. The chatbox is a place for light and friendly chatting.

3. Please don't advertise your site in the cbox: we have an advertisement section for such things.

4. Got an issue with someone or something? Please directly contact a staff member. The cbox is not for complaints.

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